Resident Reminders

May 27, 2019

Overlook is one of the best, if not the best neighborhood on Mountain Island Lake. To keep it that way, we need all of our residents to keep in mind the rules and guidelines that are in our CCRs and ALGs. All residents should have these and they are available on our resident portal. We all need to keep in mind:

  1. All dogs must be kept on leashes when outdoors in uncontrolled spaces. This is also a Charlotte City ordinance. Dogs are unpredictable when they meet other dogs or children and we have, unfortunately, one or more incidences a year where a dog attacks another dog or threatens another resident. Keep your dog on a leash.
  2. Major home and landscaping projects require prior approval of the Overlook’s ACC. Tree removal in the 100 ft buffer zone along the lake also requires Mecklenburg County approval.
  3. General Property Maintenance: Please work to keep your lawns and homes at a high level. Missing shutters need to be replaced, yards with weeds and moss need to be addressed, trash bins are to be out of sight, mailboxes maintained, etc. Our management company does a regular drive-thru of the Overlook and repeated violations result in a letter being sent to the responsible homeowner. Please take these letters seriously.
  4. Parking on the Street Overnight: Our streets, particularly our side streets, are narrow and parking on the street restrict, and can even prevent, the movement of emergency vehicles. Please avoid parking on the streets overnight.
  5. Golf Carts: Golf carts are NOT to be driven over community landscaping, sidewalks or community paths.